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Coffee and Mortality Research Study

JAMA Internal Medicine, a UK based medical research association, released information from a 10 year study done on over 500,000 people. The question was if coffee was a determining factor in the mortality rate of the average human. “This large prospective cohort study found inverse associations for coffee drinking with mortality, including among participants drinking 1 up to 8 or more cups per day. No differences were observed in analyses that were stratified by genetic polymorphisms affecting caffeine metabolism. This study provides further evidence that coffee drinking can be part of a healthy diet and offers reassurance to coffee drinkers.” 

While all research has it’s supports and oppositions, keep in mind that people with common genetic polymorphisms (such as cardiovascular disease, thyroid issues, digestive issues and obesity) may have adverse effects from caffeine or acid in coffee. In looking at all the comments following the study results, there was this: “On the clinical side, … I have asked them to try an organic, fairly traded coffee (fortunately many are now available) brewed in a glass or stainless steel French press and this has frequently mitigated or removed all negative side effects.” Great advice, Doc! Pretty sure a Chemex or ceramic pour over would be fine too.

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