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We were in a Student Short Film!

Joe Savin is the Associate Media Instructor at WHYY’s Media Lab. Some of his students interviewed Joe Cesa (PFTR’s co-partner, founder and master roaster) about Fair Trade last year as part of the WHYY Spring Break Journalism Camp. As you’ll see in the film, Fair Trade is a term many people have heard of but know basically nothing about. Well, we sure do. These kids were so nice and so curious to ask more and more questions once they got to know Joe Cesa during the filming interview.
It’s opportunities like this that we savor. To tell a young person the reality of certain industries and how the real people are treated in producing/making products we use or consume every day, the response is generally the same.
  • How could anyone feel good about treating someone this way?
  • How can we feel good about buying something that was made via forcing children, or anyone, to work?
  • How can we support a business that allows their employees to live in such severe poverty while the “big bosses” are living in luxury from what they charge us to buy it?

The answers are, or should be, very simple. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have the choice to share this info and hope to create, one person at a time, a more conscious consumer. Thank you for being a conscious consumer for buying Philly Fair Trade Roasters’ coffee! Like the billboard says, “Pass it on”!

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