New Year, Next Decade!

2020 is our 10 year anniversary as an official coffee roasting business! In the emerging decade, we will certainly see some changes to the coffee industry as we know it today. Sustainability and certifications are a hot topic. “Raw” and “Natural” coffees are gaining popularity, while the ever fascinating in-home brewing experience continues to evolve.

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Morning gratitude

Mindfulness is a practice that can be done in so many ways. It’s not just meditation but an awareness of all things and acceptance in which it exists. Further, a gratitude for those things, whether seemingly beneficial or not, is essential to our growth. But this post isn’t about meditation, rather more the gratitude end

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The Cost of Coffee Cups

There is a buzz that’s getting louder in the eyes of environmentalists, specifically in the realm of the coffee industry and it’s effect on trash waste. Our human race consumes an insane amount of coffee but isn’t exactly thinking or doing what is needed to curb the output we crate from using disposable cups. In

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