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Philly Fair Trade Roasters: Serving York, PA with Delicious, Ethical Coffee

Family-owned and operated with our micro-roasting space just across the river, Philly Fair Trade Roasters is committed to sourcing and roasting high quality, organic, fair trade or direct trade coffee beans for Central Pennsylvania. 

We provide wholesale coffee in York, PA for business of all sizes, and we ship fair trade coffee straight to individuals, homes, and families through our website. If you’re interested in great coffee from a local, small-batch roaster, we’d love to connect!

Fair Trade Coffee Roasted In Central Pennsylvania

We believe that the most delicious coffee is also the best for the earth – AND our local communities. 

Our roaster in action!

That's why we source coffee from farms and coops that we’re connected to directly through trusted trade and import partners. Then, we roast them locally right across the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County.

We offer a wide variety of coffee blends and roasts to choose from – perfect for York’s diverse tastes and business needs – so you're sure to find a roast and blend that you love. And, we’ll bring it right to your door.

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York County’s Choice In Micro-Roasters: What Makes Philly Fair Trade Coffee A Great Small-Batch Coffee Partner

We know you’ve got options for coffee in York, so why work with Philly Fair Trade?

Ethical Sourcing: True Fair Trade Certified Coffee in York

At the core of our values lies a commitment to ethical sourcing. We take care in roasting and presenting only authentic fair trade certified coffee right here in the heart of Central Pennsylvania.

Sustainability: Organic Coffee in Low-Waste, Biodegradable Bags

Sustainability isn't just a word to us; it's a guiding principle. A significant portion of our coffee lineup boasts the coveted certified organic label, underlining our dedication to environmental responsibility. But it doesn't stop there. We've taken a step further by relying on unique, innovative coffee bags that are biodegradable, and our processes are designed to minimize waste, aligning with our planet-friendly approach.

Local Roasting Excellence: Micro-Roasting for York

Step into the heart of Lancaster, where our micro-roasting facility hums with passion and expertise every week. Here, each batch of coffee is carefully roasted, every bag meticulously filled, and orders prepared quickly for our wholesale and retail customers. Because we work hard to “keep it local”, our proximity is a commitment to our community and a guarantee of freshness and quality.

Accessible Quality: Ethical Coffee at Competitive Prices

We believe that exceptional and ethical coffee shouldn't have to be a luxury. Our pursuit of excellence extends to our pricing strategy, ensuring that while we source and roast ethically, we also strive to keep our coffee competitively priced. Because quality and conscience should be accessible to everyone who appreciates a truly great cup of coffee.

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Simplifying Fair Trade Coffee for York's Small Businesses and Supermarkets

Ground or Whole Bean Coffee for Individuals and Families

Retail coffee bags from Philly Fair Trade

Philly Fair Trade Roasters' signature blends are available at select retailers across York, Lancaster, Berks, and Cumberland counties. Alternatively, you can conveniently order directly from us!

In fact, opting for online fair trade coffee purchases through Philly Fair Trade stands as the most supportive choice for our small crew! Notably, it also offers the most competitive coffee prices for you and your loved ones!

Bulk Coffee Solutions for Coffee Shops, Retail, and Eateries

We provide roasting and bulk delivery of both whole bean and ground coffee to coffee shops, bistros, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants throughout York to keep your patrons steeped in rich flavor.

Spot Philly Fair Trade's organic coffee packaging at a retailer close to you by seeking out the distinct brown, biodegradable bags!

Coffee Supplies for Offices and Small Enterprises

We extend our services to your office-based enterprise or establishment as well!

With tailored coffee solutions available in smaller quantities, we offer ground and whole bean coffee deliveries perfect for offices or manufacturing settings that prioritize quality coffee for their staff or clients.

Get a Sample of Our Organic Coffee At Your York Business Today!

Ready to experience the rich flavor and great customer service that comes with coffee from Philly Fair Trade? 

Whether you're an individual seeking the perfect brew, a business aiming to elevate coffee experiences, or a retailer dedicated to ethical choices, we have the perfect coffee options for you. Explore our York coffee offerings now and embark on a flavorful adventure that supports local communities and sustainable practices. Call or order online today!

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