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Fair Trade, Organic Coffee in Lancaster, PA

Ethically sourced and locally roasted coffee for individuals, retailers, supermarkets, and cafes in Lancaster County, PA.

A Committed Lancaster Coffee Roaster, Rooted in Philly

Wholesale coffee in Lancaster

We sell wholesale coffee in Lancaster!

What started as a hobby in Philadelphia has turned into great coffee for people and businesses throughout Central PA – Lancaster County, too! 

Philly Fair Trade Roasters was born from a desire to roast fulfilling, ethical, and sustainable coffee – which turned into sales to friends and family who cared about the same things. It grew from there, and ten years later, we wholesale our fine blends and organic, fair trade coffee roasts throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Wholesale Coffee From A Lancaster, PA Coffee Roasting Company

Today, we roast our coffee at our new, larger Lancaster County location to bring killer coffee to more coffee shops, more markets, and more coffee lovers in Lancaster and Pennsylvania. 

What sets us apart?

  • We’re committed to ethical sourcing, roasting only true fair trade certified coffee here in Lancaster.
  • We’re committed to sustainability, with most of our coffee being certified organic and packaged in unique low-waste, biodegradable coffee bags.
  • We roast locally, and you can find us at our micro-roasting facility in Lancaster roasting, bagging, or preparing orders almost every day of the week. 
  • We maintain competitive prices as we seek to make high-quality, ethically sourced coffee accessible to anyone.

Lancaster’s Unique History of Ethics and Quality

One thing we love about Lancaster? The deep history of ethical and quality business practices and reliance on the land.

For over 300 years, Lancaster has been known for fine craftsmanship, businesses committed to excellence, and a friendly, welcoming community. If you’ve never lived or worked outside of Lancaster, you may not know just how welcoming and engaging the people of Lancaster truly are. 

As a Lancaster coffee wholesaler, we strive for the same things that have set Lancaster apart for centuries: great products, business practices that support our community, transparent processes, and fair prices.

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How We Make Fair Trade Coffee Easy for Lancaster’s Small Businesses and Supermarkets

We work hard to make good coffee accessible to everyone.

Ground or Whole Bean Coffee for Individuals and Families

You can find Philly Fair Trade Roasters’ blends at select retailers throughout Lancaster, Berks, and Chester counties, but you can also order direct from us!

In fact, ordering fair trade coffee online from Philly Fair Trade is the best way to support this micro-roaster, and it’s usually the best pricing on coffee for you and your family!

Wholesale Coffee For Coffee Shops and Restaurants

We roast and deliver whole bean and ground coffee in bulk to coffee shops, cafes, hotels, B&Bs, and restaurants throughout Lancaster, making it easy to keep your customers “in their mugs” with great coffee. 

Coffee for retail and wholesale

Wholesale Coffee for Retail and Resale

We’ve partnered with markets, grocery stores, and supermarkets across Lancaster County to put ethical coffee in reach on store shelves, too. 

You can find Philly Fair Trade’s organic coffee at a retailer near you. Just look for the brown, biodegradable bag!

Coffee Deliveries for Offices and Small Businesses

We service your office-based business or shop too! We offer ground and whole bean coffee delivery in smaller quantities perfect for offices or manufacturing facilities that want to keep great coffee around for their employees or customers. 

Lancaster’s Choice In Fair Trade Coffee

If you’re considering coffee roasters in Lancaster for your home or business, we’d love to chat.

Order online or connect with our team about wholesale orders.

Our Lancaster coffee roaster
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