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What Do Over 70% Of Americans Have In Common? They Drink Coffee Daily.

Provide What Your Constituents Already Want With An Easy, Effective Coffee Fundraiser

Philly Fair Trade Roasters makes your fundraising efforts easier and more profitable by helping you raise funds with a product that more people want, more people appreciate, and more people will buy. 

Make Fundraising Hassle-Free!

A Fresh Coffee Fundraiser Puts the "Fun" Back in Your Fundraisers

Introducing Philly Fair Trade Roasters’ unique coffee fundraising program! Perfect for schools, teams, nonprofits, and community organizations looking to raise funds through sales. 

Unlike common fundraising efforts – sub sandwiches, soft pretzels, and pizzas – that require refrigeration, same-day pickup, and extensive coordination among volunteers and buyers, our small-batch coffee and seamless ordering system make fundraising easier than ever. Our coffee bags can last for MONTHS in storage, meaning pickup is easier; our process is transparent, providing wholesale pricing that you can mark up however you like; and best of all, people LOVE coffee!

Our offerings include a variety of high-quality blends that are roasted to perfection, ensuring every cup poured helps your cause while delighting coffee lovers with exceptional taste and freshness.

Partner with us to make your next fundraising effort a flavorful success that supports fair trade practices and local communities.

Let's brew something special together!

Streamline Your Fundraising Efforts

Shelf-Stable and Easily Stored

Our 12oz coffee bags can last as long as 3 months stored in a cupboard, meaning you don't have to worry about "same-day pickups" or massive coordination efforts simply to get your sold products into the hands of their buyers.

Beloved by America!

More than 70% of Americans drink coffee EVERY day! Why not give them the option of buying a staple and supporting a cause they love at the same time! 

Perfect Pricing Setup

Pricing is up to you! We provide a meaningful discount to help you buy close to our cost, then you can mark up your coffee bags as you see fit! 

Get Custom Pricing and Learn More

Who Is Philly Fair Trade Roasters?

Philly Fair Trade Roasters has been roasting small-batch, ethically sourced organic coffee for nearly two decades. Start in Philly, we now provide fresh-roasted coffee from around the world from our Adamstown, PA facilities, where we continue to focus on the same commitment to quality, flavor, and ethics. 

We source our coffee from Fair Trade and Organic certified cooperatives in Central and South America and the Pacific Islands. Through a partnership with a direct importer, Crop to Cup, we are able to source excellent African coffees with direct connection to farmers, encouraging them to build up to Fair Trade practices. We are also a Certified Organic facility, a rare find in this region for this product.

Coffee Fundraisers Made Easy


Get In Touch

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how our coffee fundraising works and to find out if it's a fit for your organization.


Get Custom Pricing

We provide a free custom quote with wholesale pricing on your beans. We can then help you decide what kind of markup is appropriate for YOUR coffee fundraiser.


Get a Custom Order Form

When you're ready, we help yuo plan the event and create a custom order form for your fundraisers. 


Delight Your Constituents and Raise Funds Well!

Your team sells coffee with a pedetermined closing date, and all of your coffee is delivered in bulk for easy pickup or delivery!

Ready To Kickstart Your Next Fundraiser?

We make fundraising for non-profits easy.

Sell a product that your constituents will love – and make pick-up or delivery hassle-free with a shelf-stable good. Let Philly Fair Trade Roasters be your fundraising guide - call or email us today to learn more and get started!

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FAQs About Coffee Fundraising With Philly Fair Trade

That's really up to you. Our coffee fundraising setups generally take 2-3 weeks at a minimum, allowing your constituents and fundraisers (students, scouts, etc.) time to sell coffee to all of their friends and family. 

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