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Pennsylvania Coffee Roasters: A (Non-Comprehensive) List

Pennsylvania is full of great coffee roasters and is home to many creative cafés that provide unique experiences. Whether you're looking for an online coffee store, a subscription service, or a local café, you're sure to find it here.

This is a list of just SOME of the best roasters, where to find them, and what to expect. While it's not a totally comprehensive list of roasters, it encompasses many of the good coffee businesses in our Eastern PA region.

Some Coffee Roasters in PA

Philly Fair Trade Roasters

Founded in Philly and now based in our larger roasting facility in New Holland, PA, Philly Fair Trade focuses on fair trade coffee, and most of our blends are organic. Regardless of your tastes, we have something for everyone!

Visit our website or find us in any of these retailers.

Passenger Coffee

Based in Lancaster, PA, Passenger is known for a meticulous approach to both specialty coffee and tea. Passenger prides themselves on sourcing great beans and being an ambassador of coffee culture in the area.

Find them on their website or visit any of their locations.

ReAnimator Coffee

Based in Philadelphia, this specialty roaster focuses on offering a wide range of single-origin coffees. They are also known for their subscription service which ships coffee to your doorstep every month!

Explore their locations or visit their website here.

La Colombe

Also hailing from Philadelphia, La Colombe is a globally recognized brand famous for its commitment to sourcing beans ethically. They are most well-known for creating small-batch, innovative drinks.

Find them on their website.

One Village Coffee

With a great focus on serving their community, One Village Coffee in Souderton, PA creates signature blends and offers a wide variety of single-origin flavored coffees.

Visit their website or get in touch with them directly.

Square One Coffee

In Lancaster, PA, Square One Coffee is a well-known roaster that also has a café you can visit! They focus on training new brewers and offer public coffee tastings as well.

Visit their shop or learn more about them here.

Ox Coffee Roasters

This is another Philadelphia-based roaster that offers both an online and a physical shop where you can drink their coffee. They focus mostly on offering roasted coffees from all over the world.

This is their website, where you can also find their shop.

Elixr Coffee Roasters

This boutique store located in the heart of Philly focuses on small-batch roasts and coffees. They love exploring and creating seasonal signature blends.

Find them here.

Ray's Cafe & Tea House

This is a lovely family business in Philadelphia's Chinatown. They focus equally on roasting single-origin coffee and offering a wide array of Chinese teas and homemade pastries.

Visit their website for more information.

Peddler Coffee

This Philadelphia-based company says there's alchemy in a cup of their beans. Whether you believe them or not, they have both a physical and an online business, focusing mostly on their café right in the heart of the city's Logan Square.

Find their website here.

Black & Brew

A neighborhood coffee shop based in Philly, they focus on roasting their beans in-house and serving the best coffee in their community.

Learn more about them here.

The Monkey & The Elephant

This roaster focuses on providing the best professional training to the Philadelphia foster youth. Their emphasis on community comes down to their shop where they also offer a wide menu to enjoy with your coffee.

Find out more on their website.

Function Coffee Labs

This roaster claims they make their coffees with science to bring out the special flavor of every bean. They take all their knowledge and offer it to you in Philadelphia's central area.

Read more about their methods here.

Menagerie Coffee

This humble and rustic store in Philadelphia is laser-focused on providing a cozy drinking experience. They don't forget about food though, and allow you to order anything you want online.

Try them out here.

Vault + Vine

This creative place combines a specialty café with a floral studio. They want to create a cozy and natural environment for you to enjoy your coffee! They also sell plants and other gifts.

Learn more about them on their website.

Grindcore House

Located in both South and West Philadelphia, this specialty roaster offers a small selection of signature blends. They claim to only roast once a week to preserve their coffee's freshness.

Check out their online store here.

Ultimo Coffee Roasters

This roaster has multiple locations around Philadelphia. It focuses on providing a quick cup of coffee on the go, but you can also sit down in the cozy atmosphere and have something to eat.

Visit their website here.

Herman's Coffee

This is a family-run business located in the Pennsport neighborhood of Philadelphia. They offer bags of freshly roasted coffee as well as a subscription service.

Check them out here.

Passero's Coffee Roasters

This Philadelphia-based roaster offers local a café, an online shop, as well as a subscription service. They focus on bringing in organic beans and roasting them in-house.

Learn more about them on their website.

Greenstreet Coffee

This specialty roaster believes in extraordinary coffee, and they focus both on roasting quality coffee and training coffee experts. They offer a subscription service as well as a café where you can taste their blends.

See for yourself on their website.

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