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Fair Trade Day

The second Saturday of May is World Fair Trade Day..... so, yes, that was last Saturday, but we are still celebrating a cause that we believe in, in fact it's in our name.  Fair Trade certification ensures that farmers at the country of origin are following good environmental practices, pay fair wages and provide good working conditions.  In return, as commodity coffee prices have remained low in recent years, Fair Trade producers receive a floor price for their coffee that helps them maintain these practices.  In 2019, we purchased nearly 70,000 pounds of Fair Trade coffee, supporting farmers that have committed to Fair Trade practices. We also paid more than $4,000 in fees to Fair Trade USA which enables them to monitor and certify the farms and producers around the world.  We think that our focus on Fair Trade organic coffee is the right thing to do for the farmers, workers and the planet and know that you have made the same decision.
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