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FitC Roastery Tour

FitC, Friends in the City, came to visit us last week for a tour of the Roastery. We may not have inner city chic accommodations but that's part of our charm, not to mention how we can offer our customers delicious, organic and fair trade coffee at reasonable specialty coffee prices. Joe hosted discussion about the coffee industry, organic fair & direct trade practices, sustainability, roasting and, of course, tasting coffee. Everyone left with more knowledge than expected and a bag of freshly roasted coffee.

If you are interested in setting up a tour at PFTR, contact for more info!


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New Roast: Mexico Half-Caf

Our Half-Caf Mexican coffee is grown in the Chiapas region. The coffee is grown at over 4000 feet in the same mountain range as the Guatemalan Huehuetenango region which produces some of the best coffee.

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