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Our New Direct Trade Importer for Honduran Beans!

Cereza Coffee is the new importer of our Honduran beans! In the above picture, you see some of the farmers and their children that owner Joey Wein harvested with this past January and February. He is passionate about the relationships he developed and the projects he will be part of to help enhance the quality of life for the families in their co-ops and communities. We intend to use Joey as our liason with more farms in the future as he shares our vision of trying to enhance the quality of life for the people who grow these delicious beans. We are very excited to share the same mission and partner with him to deliver this fresh and juicy coffee with you!

 Our new Honduran beans from Encarnacion will be offered as Full City Roast with flavor notes reminiscent of juicy mixed berry pie. Mmmmm! We are currently obsessed with it at the warehouse!

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New Roast: Mexico Half-Caf

Our Half-Caf Mexican coffee is grown in the Chiapas region. The coffee is grown at over 4000 feet in the same mountain range as the Guatemalan Huehuetenango region which produces some of the best coffee.

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