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Our Burundian coffee is from the Muramvya region.

In Burundi, a country the size of Maryland, coffee is king where the average coffee grower has 200 tress or less but coffee makes up 93% of exports. The limited ability to invest in their farms and infrastructure such as roads continues to create challenges for small Burundi farms. The country has been left as one of the five poorest countries in the world where civil war finally ended in 2003. Despite this poverty, the growers and farmers create a singular cup of coffee. Go to Crop to Cup our partner importer’s site to see images and find out more about their work in Burundi.

The coffee comes from the Buhorwa Washing Station and has 3 cherry collection centers which combines coffee from nearby farmers to maintain adequate volume to stay in business, and allows for separation of lots (hills/valleys) based on quality and cup score. Crop to Cup works with its local partner - Sogestal Kayanza - which assists in the process of collection, separation, cupping, milling and farmer bonus payment.

This Medium Roast Coffee has delicate peach and lemongrass notes with the essence of black tea.

1 lb and 5 lb options. 

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