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New Year, New Raw Ugandan natural coffee coming soon!

This year, we get to celebrate all the efforts that led to a category of coffee that is new to specialty – Drugar (DRied UGandan ARabica). We are still in the process of perfecting our roasting style for this bean so it's not available yet. When it is, it will be limited time only. They harvested 104 bags of this coffee in total and we have just a few bags. You can really taste the nuances of strawberry wine and blueberry wine that the beans are known for. Even though roasted in the way of a light to medium profile, it carries a heavy mouthfeel with sweet complex sugars.

This coffee varietal is a fair trade/direct trade coffee, we buy from Crop To Cup. Though not certified Organic, they are a trusted, small importer of great quality coffee traceable to the source and build sustainable programs with the producers and their communities. See our past post about Projet Vache. In the Natural process, the coffee cherry is collected, sorted, trucked to the nearby town of Kisingi where it is floated in water, sorted then floated again before going through the pulper. Often times, the chaff, or skin of the cherry, remains in small bits around the inner bean. It is then dried in Kisingi, trucked back through miles and miles of Robusta territory to Arabica mills in Kampala where the coffee is cleaned again, cupped, milled, graded and bulked for export through Momobasa. Sounds like a lot but this is a usual stream of tasks to get what ends up in your coffee mug. And you wonder why Fair Trade means so much to our mission?!

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