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The Scoop On Honduran Coffee

Highlights The Honduran coffee industry started in the 18th century when European traders brought some coffee vari...

How Much Caffeine Does Half Caff Coffee Contain?

Highlights Half caff coffee is a 50-50 blend of regular and decaf coffee that generally contains half the caffein...

Canned Coffee Explained: How, Why, and What To Look For

Highlights Canned coffee generally retains all the qualities of a normal brew and can last months or even years on...

Pennsylvania Coffee Roasters: A (Non-Comprehensive) List

While not an exhaustive list, here are some of the roasters we're familiar with in Pennsylvania.

What is Decaf & How is Decaf Coffee Made?

Highlights Coffee beans can be decaffeinated through one of a few methods involving chemical solvents, coffee oil ...

The Story of Ethiopian Coffee

Highlights Both local legend and historical accounts suggest that coffee, as we know it today, originated in what ...

Why Nicaraguan Coffee Should Be On Every Coffee Fan's Bucket List

The geography of Nicaraguan coffee growing regions infuses these coffees with a well-rounded, deep, and often swee...

What Is Aztec Hot Chocolate?

Aztec hot chocolate is a traditional beverage customary to parts of Mexico where the ancient Aztec and Mayan civil...

Is Organic Coffee Really Better?

Key Takeaways In the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the main body that regulates th...

What is Rainforest Alliance Certification for Coffee?

Key Takeaways The Rainforest Alliance is a NGO that seeks to protect rainforests around the world by addressing ...

Toxins in Coffee: What Pesticides and Herbicides Could Be In Your Morning Cup?

Should you be worried about the toxins in your coffee? Here’s what to know about the most common chemical residuals in coffee from conventional farming techniques.

What Is Low Acid Coffee? Benefits Explained, Plus Our Top Roasts and Blends

If stomach sensitivity has you avoiding coffee all together, it’s definitely worth trying low acid coffee. These tend to be darker roasts, which can include other health benefits, too.
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